T he Chan Lim brothers are graced with a unique combination of artistic

talent and engineering aptitude. In the past four decades, the Chan Lims

have been actively involved in the arts. Professionally, each of the Chan Lim

brothers was able to carve a niche for themselves, holding key positions in

multi-national companies. Currently, there are already three generations of

the Chan Lim family actively involved in the arts.


The revered family patriarch, Chan Lim, focuses on Western art, specializing

in Oil and Watercolor. His artwork is characterized by a delicate fusion of

Western and Eastern techniques on various media. The Chan Lim brothers

Alex , Felix , Rolex and Jolex largely produce Chinese Brush paintings.

Landscape, flora, and fauna are the predominant subject matter of the

brothers’ artworks. The 3rd generation Chan Lims follows in the footsteps of

both the family patriarch and their fathers in nurturing their artistic talents.


Bound by their passion for the arts, the Chan Lims have conducted

numerous art workshops, seminars, and on-the-spot painting

demonstrations. Members of the family have joined several art exhibits

locally and internationally. To date, the Chan Lims have launched 11 family

painting exhibits. The Chan Lim family is one of the few remaining notable

Chinese brush painting artists in the Philippines today. Their paintings can

be found in private collections here and abroad.


Art classes are conducted in the family studio/gallery located in Pasig City.


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